Muskingum Student-Athlete Advisory Committee

The mission of the Muskingum Student-Athlete Advisory Committee is to enhance the total student-athlete experience by promoting opportunity and communication between the student-athletes and athletics administration, protecting student-athlete welfare, and fostering a positive student-athlete image on campus and in the New Concord community.

SAAC was developed by the Muskingum athletic department to:

  • Promote communication between the Muskingum athletics administration and its student-athletes.
  • Provide feedback and insight into athletics department issues, including student-athlete welfare.
  • Generate a student-athlete voice within the Muskingum athletics department’s formulation of policies.
  • Build a sense of community within the athletics program involving all athletic teams.
  • Organize community service efforts.
  • Promote a positive student-athlete image on campus and in the community.

SAAC representatives from all of Muskingum's 21 varsity sports have dedicated themselves to helping and promoting their fellow student-athletes, Muskingum and the community. Their efforts have helped to enhance a tradition of involvement by Muskingum student-athletes.

The group, which meets monthly, is charged with discussing ongoing issues at Muskingum and around the country pertaining to intercollegiate athletics and the lives of student-athletes.

During the 2016-17 academic year, SAAC planned, organized and hosted the the 2nd Annual Golden Hook Awards, hosted a Hoops for Hunger food drive and held special promotions throughout the year at Muskingum atheltic events.

2017-18 SAAC Student Officers

President - Paige Watterman 
Vice President - Jeff Burkholder
Treasurer - Levi Hall
Secretary - Katie Shamel 

2017-18 SAAC Team Representatives

Women's Soccer - Katie Bodenmiller, Rachael Waite
Men's Soccer - Josh Routte, Alex Furst
Baseball - Ben Van Wey, Evan Hinds
Softball - Rachel Eberling, Kylie Zifer
Wrestling - Toby WarringtonAntonio Zapata
Women's Lacrosse - Paige Watterman, Katie Shamel
Men's Lacrosse - Phillip DappenNick Klinefelter
Women's Basketball - Catie Smith, Schyler Fennimore
Men's Basketball - Jalen Paige
Volleyball - Miranda PlumlyMackenzie O'Shea
Cross Country - Reilly WalshDouglas McIntire
Track & Field - Jeff Burkholder, Emily Ellyson
Football - Traci Wilson
Women's Golf - TBA
Men's Golf - Jacob Van Leeuwen, Christian Taylor
Men's Tennis - Levi Hall
Women's Tennis - TBA

SAAC Advisors

Tom Caudill - Director and Assistant Professor of Athletics Communication
Kari Winters - Head Softball Coach 

SAAC Muskies of the Month

2017-18 Academic Year

September 2017 - Brody Hahn (Football) and Rachel Timberlake (Women's Cross Country)

October 2017 - Staci Wilson (Football) and Miranda Biship (Women's Soccer)

November 2017 - Damon Jones (Football) and Caitlyn Smith (Women's Basketball)

December 2017 - Marcus Dempsey (Men's Basketball) and Olivia Besancon (Women's Basketball)

January 2018 - Marcus Dempsey (Men's Basketball) and Macy McAdams (Women's Indoor Track)

2016-17 Academic Year

September 2016 - Trent Newby (Men's Soccer) and Autumn Devine (Women's Soccer)

October 2016 - Samuel Green (Football) and Julie Fobes (Women's Cross Country)

November 2016 - Antonio Zapata (Wrestling) and Katie Hunt (Volleyball)

December 2016 - Hallie Stocker (Women's Basketball)

January 2017 - Julie Fobes (Women's Track) and Jarrell Marsh (Men's Basketball)

February 2017 - Mallory Taylor (Women's Basketball) and Joshua Keyes (Men's Basketball)

March 2017 - Paige Watterman (Women's Lacrosse) and Blake Weidner (Men's Track & Field)

April 2017 - Julie Fobes (Women's Track) and Luke Janic (Men's Golf)

2015-16 Academic Year

September 2015 - Zach Barry (Football) and Hailey Dickey (Women's Soccer)

October  2015 - Sam Lucas (Football) and Taylor Mathews (Volleyball)

November 2015 - Jalen Page (Men's Basketball) and Olivia Besancon (Women's Basketball)

December 2015 - Darrell Briggs (Men's Track) and Hailey Ferguson (Women's Track)

January 2016 - Andre Buffington (Men's Track) and Mallory Taylor (Women's Basketball)

February 2016 - Chris Lardie (Men's Track) and Ashley Adams (Women's Lacrosse)

March 2016 - Phillip Dappen (Men's Lacrosse) and Amy Clark (Softball)

April 2016 - Darren McCaughan (Men's Track) and Kelly Martin (Softball)